We all Need a Place to Tell Our Story


We all Need a Place to Tell Our Story

“Nothing is ever really lost to us as long as we remember it.”

~ L.M. Montgomery

Welcome to Souls Remembered:

The professional staff at Souls Remembered is laser-focused on guiding you towards sharing stories, life experiences, happy or sad, celebrations, achievements, and milestones to create an ever-lasting chronology of life and love.

The story will be formatted on a webpage with your own secure URL and designed the way YOU want it to be seen. Each page can contain images, text, video, and audio that can be shared anytime anywhere with anyone from a computer, tablet or phone.

To memorialize your loved one, you can select from Souls Remembered options known as “Visual Life Stories”, “Retrospective of Life” and “Obituaries”. See “Options” tab for details.

Create a harmonious story that inspires family and friends. 
Souls Remembered, utilizes your input and will present an engaging storytelling style that transports you back in time. Take this emotional journey and never forget who that special person in your life is or was.

“I felt wonderful after creating the story of my dad, who passed away last year. Being able to make such a beautiful memory, for my children, and future generations of our family, is like nothing I have ever seen before. It brought tears, and smiles to my face and made me remember all the great times we shared together. I would recommend this to everyone who has lost someone special in their life!”

~ Jeffrey