Our “Giving” section allows you to place a warm, soothing image behind the section content, creating a beautiful appearance. Below, you will find images that are available to be used in your story. Please, read the gallery descriptions so you understand how the images are used. 

Half Images

Half images are designed to be used where text can be placed on the right or left side of the section, opposite of the image. The image usually takes up one-third to one-half the section with the text being placed in the section where no image is seen. An example can be seen below the gallery.

Sample of half images with text.

Full Images

Full images are used to cover entire sections with a background image. When full images are used there is normally an “Overlay” used to allow any text to stand out better. Normally dar text like black would require a light overlay and white text would require a darker overlay. Examples can be seen below the gallery.

Sample of full images with overlays and text.