Who Needs A Story?

  • Who Needs A Story?

Our stories are not videos. They are a webpage that is laid out to tell a story, the way YOU want it told. Each page or “story” can contain images, text, video and audio. The benefit of having the story created like this is that it can be shared anywhere, easily, with a click of a mouse or flick of your finger.

The stories have been called many different names. Tributes, Memorials, Remembrances, Etc. 

We call them what they are… Life Stories. Retrospectives of Life. These are YOUR memories, YOUR stories. A unique approach to sharing what you remember about someone. A story from Souls Remembered is far from “standard.”

So, who should have a story created. Anyone who wants to share the memory of a loved one who has passed or is in the final stages of life. Does this mean you should have a story created only for an elderly person? No. If you have a child, or a brother or sister who has passed or is close to end of life, then you need a story. You need to share with the world your story of the wonderful life and how it impacted the world. Maybe you want to create a story for yourself to share with generations to come. That’s also a great idea.

Think of this as your condensed autobiography, without the large cost and hassle. Something you can do on your own or with family members. Do it for your kids, grandkids and so on. But do it, because memories live on forever.