A safe and cost effective way to share the passing of a loved one

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    A safe and cost effective way to share the passing of a loved one

Obituaries… No-one ever wants to write one. The fact is, at some point we will all have to. We understand how difficult it can be and have created a way to make it a bit easier for you.

What makes a Souls Remembered obituary easier?

Here are a few of the advantages that you will find when you purchase an obituary from us…

  • Easy to create – You complete a simple form on our website and we create the obituary for you.
  • Cost effective – Typical obituaries can cost from $50. to over $1000. A Souls Remembered obituary will cost you only $69.99
  • Safer – You control who sees your obituary. By distributing through email and through your social media networks, you have complete control over who sees the information. Unlike a newspaper that broadcasts an obituary to every criminal looking to take advantage of someone who is in a vulnerable state. Your safety is very important to us.
  • More appealing – A Souls Remembered obituary is pleasant to look at. Created in one of four beautiful colors and laid out in an easy to read format.  

I can’t believe the intensive, personal finished project that we can share with friends and family cost us less than if we posted a basic obit in two newspapers! Excellent, needed service.      ~ Rita Colard 

Below is a sample of our obituary. Click the image to view an actual obituary.


Basic Obituary Paprika