A safe and cost-effective way to share the passing of a loved one

  • Obituaries

    A safe and cost effective way to share the passing of a loved one

Obituaries… No-one ever wants to write one. The fact is, at some point we will.

What makes a Souls Remembered Your Best Option?

  • Simple – Complete a user-friendly form found on our website, and Souls Remembered will create the obituary
  • Cost effectiveSouls Remembered includes a photo and is viewable in perpetuity. Typical obituaries are viewed for a short period of time with costs beginning at $1500, excluding a photo. Souls Remembered is an exceptionally good value
  • Safer – You control who sees your obituary. By distributing through your email and social media networks, you have complete control over who sees the information. Published obituaries are subject to financial fraudsters and scams. Souls Remembered secures your important information by keeping it safe and protected by the latest technology in web-security software
  • Aesthetically Appealing: A Souls Remembered obituary is pleasing to look at. Created in one of four beautiful colors and laid out in an easy to read format.  

“I can’t believe the intensive, personal finished project that we can share with friends and family cost us less than if we posted a basic obit in two newspapers! Excellent, needed service.”      ~ Rita Colard 

Below is a sample of our obituary. Click the image to view an actual obituary.


Basic Obituary Paprika