Joseph Nachamkin

Joe passed peacefully at home on September 27th, 2016

Joe was the type of man who would help anyone, whether friend, neighbor or stranger. If someone was in need Joe wouldn’t think twice to drop what he was doing to provide assistance. He would have been characterized as being introspective, analytical, resourceful, perceptive, methodical, disciplined, and patient beyond belief. He possessed an inner strength that was unwavering and boundless. Many that knew him conveyed the phrase: “he was strong like bull”. He kept abreast of current affairs reading the Wall Street Journal every day and the Economist weekly but was also passionate about history and read many, many books on the subject. He enjoyed talking about history and also reveled in friendly, though, sometimes heated, discussions on current affairs and issues. He was known to have somewhat of a dry sense of humor which likely came from his love of British comedies.

Joe grew up in Brooklyn, NY, the youngest of three boys. At 17, he joined the Army, serving in Guam during WWII.  He then joined the Marine Corps and spent just over two years in Korea, first clearing mines but most proud of the time he spent serving in MAGIS (Marine Air Ground Intelligence Systems) Division. He met the love of his life when, by chance, he and some friends decided to take a weekend trip in the Catskills. Gladys caught his gaze immediately. She was stunning and was the center of attention. He was shy but determined to meet her. Question was, what could he do to get her to notice him? He had to do something to stand out so decided that he should “accidentally” spill his drink on her. That worked, not quite as expected, but he was persistent, and it paid off. They got married in 1956 and were together for 60 years. During that time Joe worked for Herman Miller as an industrial engineer, he then went back to school and became a systems analyst working for companies such as IBM and New York City’s MTA. Besides caring deeply for his family, he had a real passion for model building, having 100’s of them and always on the lookout for but he specifically loved airplanes. He loved the detail; he was in his element, spending hours happily working on them; winning awards for many of them.

An unquestionable sign of how much he unequivocally loved his family happened a couple of weeks before passing. At that time, he told his daughter how he had always thought he understood the meaning of love, but that he had come to truly appreciate what love embodied, what love encompassed, what love truly meant. For a man of few words this was a very powerful and touching gift to leave his family.


Joe is survived by two children, Janna and Mark Nachamkin. He regarded Janna’s boyfriend, Joseph Corsino as a second son, and Janna’s longtime friend, Robin Pickus, well, thought of her as a second daughter.

He was blessed and cared greatly for his many nieces, nephews, great nieces, nephews and great, great nieces and nephews. Louise and Steve Grabell, their children, Scott, Ilyse and George Buchanan, their sons, Ethan and Aidan, Evan and Noel Grabell, their daughters, Bella, Anna, Mia, and Laila. Pamela and Jeffrey Buder, their son Andrew, Vicki and Matthew Gold, their daughters Rebecca and Lissy, Stephanie Ressler-Hochstat and Michael, their children, Samantha and Joshua. Bruce and Ellen Ressler, their sons Matthew and Michael, Jonathan Ressler, Debra and Leon Black, their children, Benjamin, Joshua, Alex and Victoria, Richard and Allison Ressler, their children, Samantha, Jillian, Andrew, and Rebecca, Antony Ressler and Jami Gertz, their sons, Oliver, Nicholas and Theo.

Feel free to share your thoughts and prayers for Joe Nachamkin below.

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