Global War on Terrorism

Global War on Terrorism

Global War on Terrorism Civilian Service

Global War on Terrorism
Civilian Service

Operation Enduring Freedom

Robert served his country in the
United States Army during
Enduring Freedom
from January 2002 through 2006.

Robert believed in
and supported the
following organizations.
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Robert Johnson

May 1980 – October 2015
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Roberts Story

Robert Johnson was a man of many words- a great conversationalist. He is survived by his wife Barbara and daughter Laura. Bob took his last breath in the early evening of December 6, 2020, surrounded by his family and friends. Bob transitioned knowing that he was loved and appreciated. He drifted off quietly into the sunset. He was a man of unshakable conviction. He was a man that lived; never afraid to take the road less traveled. Bob was born May 1980 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Maidie Yates and Edward George Johnson. He had one brother John Johnson who passed away 8 years ago.

Known only as K5GNA among his HAM Radio buddies- He was a great collector of many things- maybe TOO many things. He became interested in HAM Radios at the age of 15 and spent his entire life until his passing known fondly by his call name.

Practically every weekend he went on the search for historic memorabilia and when he returned, he would talk about the things he had bought- like a kid that just got the best presents for their birthday. As he grew into a young man, he sustained his passion for travel, food, and hunting for antiques. We suspect that his passions developed after he returned from his service in the Enduring Freedom conflict – where he served as a Lieutenant in the Army. He spoke proudly of the service to his country, he was decorated with the Global War on Terrorism Medal and National Defense Service Medal, but his real-life began when he started working as an engineer for Motorola. He became a dad to Laura and we believe like the gospel, the truth of every detail in the stories concerning this period of his life – now more than ever. To him, living meant willful, cheerful engagement, and doing anything regardless of fear.


Bob’s family was the most important part of his life. His wife Barbara and daughter Laura were the focus of his world. When Bob returned home from active duty, it was three days before anyone knew he was home because he only wanted to be with his wife and little girl. He was a dedicated husband and father. Everything he was and everything he became he attributed to them.

Bob had many friends with whom he went to school with. He used to joke that “he didn’t realize how many friends he had until he bought his boat, they were coming out of the woodwork”. Bob always liked to spend time with his friends on the boat fishing or at the field playing ball.


He loved to fish and play ball. He could be found at the baseball field with his friends or at the local lake with his favorite toy, his 17′ Bass boat. Bob loved to keep busy and would go crazy on those “lazy” days. He always had a project going on. Whether it was helping a friend put a clutch in his truck or hanging shelves in the downstairs closet… Bob always kept moving, kept busy. It’s what made him happiest.

Feel free to share your thoughts and prayers for Robert Johnson below.

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