A safe and cost effective way to share the passing of a loved one

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    A safe and cost effective way to share the passing of a loved one

Souls Remembered has created a beautiful and safe way to inform your family and friends when your loved one has passed. Your safety is the primary reason why we developed our obituary service. When someone dies, there are so many things that need to be done. In most cases people usually opt for the typical obituary posted in the local newspaper. These obituaries are very basic, simple text which usually run for a day or two. Here is where the issue is…

Those people who are looking to take advantage of someone who is vulnerable often go to the newspapers and go directly to the obituary section. Here they can find when your home will be empty because they know when everyone will be at the funeral service. Also, they know that a spouse (in most cases) has passed and that the remaining spouse is alone and vulnerable. 

The Souls Remembered process allows you to notify others with a web-based system that lets YOU control the information and how it is distributed. We have created a modern, clean design for you that looks very nice and respectful, not just plain black and white text. Your obituary will contain a photo of the deceased, a brief story, if you choose to add one, and all the funeral arrangements. You choose who to send the obituary to through social media and email. Therefore controlling who can see the information and avoiding any negative activity from having the information out in public view.

An obituary in most newspapers can cost anywhere from $50 for just a simple name, upwards to several hundred dollars as you add more information. A Souls Remembered obituary will cost $69.99 and offers security and ease of use for a fraction of the cost of a newspaper obituary.

Below is a sample of our obituary. Click the image to view an actual obituary.


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