• Who Needs A Story?

“I created a Visual Life Story for my mom. From the get go, everyone I spoke with was extremely professional, courteous, and had tons of patience for my many questions. What a cathartic experience. When beginning to write about my mother I had thought I had forgotten much but as I started to write more and more came back to me. There were funny times, joyous times and lessons learned that were sometimes very hard indeed. An amazing bonus was having friends of my mother share their stories about her on the webpage. Many were funny and I feel blessed that I was given the chance to learn things about my mom that I never knew. Thank you so much Souls Remembered for this wonderful experience!”

~ Cynthia

“I was introduced to Souls Remembered by my dear friend (who had worked with them) and, wow, what a beautiful gift. They provided me with the opportunity to create and share the story of a great man – my father. When my dad passed, I jumped right into caring for my mother full-time. Souls Remembered gave me the chance to finally be able to let go of all I had been holding on to. I was able to write about all the memorable, amazing stories I knew about my father. As great as that was, after completion, I emailed the webpage to family and friends. What I didn’t imagine and was extraordinarily thrilled and excited by was the overwhelming number of comments that people wrote. So many shared stories about my dad. They told of his strength and determination, kindness and compassion and many told of his sense of humor. It was wonderful hearing from so many people and reading all their stories. I laughed and I cried. I am incredibly grateful to Souls Remembered for this gift.”     ~ Beth

I feel blessed to have been able to create a Retrospective of Life for my wife. The staff at souls Remembered was incredibly supportive and helpful when questions arose, I contacted them, and they reviewed everything with compassion and consideration. Went through boxes of photos to choose just the right ones to share. Wrote stories about the amazing woman that was my wife. Being able to reach out to family members to get videos and stories to include made this a truly remarkable experience. Tears were shed of joy and sorrow. Her story came to life and can now be shared with future generations. My deepest gratitude to Souls Remembered. 

~ David