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    Memories Made for a Lifetime

You have so many memories of your lost loved one. Like most, you probably have a shoebox or photo album full of pictures taken through the years. Or a DVD full of video from birthdays, weddings, and other events. Most of us do. But those memories are confined to your location, or static. After all, if you were to go on a vacation are you going to pack 2 or three large photo albums in your luggage? I would hope not, your luggage is already heavy enough. Would you pack a DVD and risk it getting damaged or lost? Hopefully not.

With a Souls Remembered Visual Life Story, you can take your memories with you wherever you go. No extra baggage or special equipment needed. Our web-based stories are everywhere you are. All you need to view your Visual Life Story is an internet connect and a mobile device like a tablet, smartphone, or a computer. Let’s face it, in today’s world, these mobile devices are more common than DVD players.

A Visual Life Story is made up of your memories, all contained in a webpage, specifically designed for you. With your content laid out in sections such as Family, Education, Love of their life, Activities, Etc, The story reads like a book. It makes sense and flows like the life of the one who has passed. At Souls Remembered, we are honored to help you create such a beautiful memory of your loved one. 

A Visual Life Story will cost either $69.99 for a basic or $89.99 for an enhanced. You will love your story and sharing it is easy. You simply share it through your social media network or email. Once the story has been created we will send you a link to it and you can then control who you send it to, giving you complete control over who can see your story. Safe, cost effective and beautiful. 

Below are samples of our basic and enhanced visual life stories.
Click HERE to view them in their beautiful color options.

Click HERE to view our Visual Life Stories for Veterans and Pets as well.