Veteran / First Responder Visual Life Story

Thank You For Your Service

Military veterans and first responders have a special place in our hearts. For that reason, we have developed a very special Visual Life Story just for them. We bring their service to the side of their story where it can be viewed. Branch badge, service ribbons, a summary of their service to their city, state, country, and more. Our military veterans and first responders are proud and so are we. These special stories are unlike any other life story we offer. We are currently presenting them at a reduced rate as our way of saying Thank You for your service.

We offer this beautiful Visual Life Story in Classic White or a White Linen. Click the buttons below to view a full size sample of each one.

Veterans Visual Life Stories Feature The Following:


  • Headshot
  • Military Branch Badge
  • Service Ribbons (Up to five (5))
  • Conflict Summaries (up to three (3))
  • Organizations to support (Up to three (3))
  • The ability to share their Story


  • Loved one’s name and D.O.B/D.O.D.
  • Their story section
  • Family/Friends section
  • Photo gallery section (up to 20 images)
  • Thoughts/Prayers section


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